The position of Hungary related to renewable energy resources

Relating to the agricultural utilization of geothermal energy, Hungary is one of the leaders: cc. 500.000 m² vegetable growing greenhouses, 1.200.000  m² vegetable growing foil tents, grain dryer and animal husbanding farms utilizes geothermal energy. Beside this, more than 5300 apartments, hospitals, factories are heated by geothermal energy. Even so, the proportion of geothermal energy utilization compared to whole energy utilization is very low: ~2000 GWh/year or 7,2 PJ/year (2015). Injecting the thermal water back is still a serious problem, but Hungarian professionals have already seen great solutions in the Icelandic practice.

The geothermal energy was only the 0,5% (283TJ) of the energy sources utilized for district-heating in 2012. Beside this, our country utilizes additional appr. 250 TJ geothermal energy for non-service district heating.

The purpose of developing the district-heating is to improve its competitiveness by systems utilizing geothermal energy, at all areas where the geological conditions are given. The main goal of geothermal developments is to utilize more geothermal energy for district-heating instead of natural gas and, as a result of this, to decrease city air-pollution.

A commitment of Hungary, related to the climate- and energy policy of European Union for 2020, is to increase the proportion of utilizing renewable energy resources to 14, 65%, compared to the gross final energy utilization.