Introduction of the Foundation for Besenyszög as Project Owner



The Foundation for Besenyszög is a non-profit organization with legal personality, founded in 1995. The main goals of the Foundation is to take care of the material, social and cultural heritage of the town. The Foundation organizes numerous events at the area of tradition care, folk culture of Hungarian Plain, people’s education to live a healthy life and community building.

The Foundation for Besenyszög works with 10 volunteers, and with pedagogues, professionals based on contract of services. The booking is done by 1 accountant also based on contract of services. The working of the foundation is supervised by the board of trustees.

Introduction of our donor partner

Our donor partner is the Icelandic-Hungarian Cultural Society, the co-operation is professional and financial. It represents significant added value that we can take the Hungarian culture with us for our compatriots to Iceland, and that we can introduce the Scandinavian culture in Hungary. This project is really varied (Hungarian, Scandinavian, Roma) thanks to pur donor partner.

- Providing professional support in organizing a music-dancing performance based on Scandinavian folklore

- Organizing Icelandic tour

- Seeking for events relating to Icelandic programs, organizing performances, reserving place and room

- Providing publicity in Iceland, generating media appearances, news on the Icelandic Facebook page

- Active participationin Icelandic and Hungarian programs

- Involving Hungarians living in Iceland, people interested in Hungarian culture, civilians and cultural institutes in the project

- translating Cul-TOUR publication to Icelandic language, interpreting