Introduction of the tender applicant, Besenyszög - the implementation place of the project



Besenyszög takes place in the heart of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, at the northeastern part of Szolnok township. The neighborhood of the town, located at the junction of Tisza and Zagyva, has enormous borders (13808 ha) covering two more townships (total of 11 towns), including Szolnok. Because of its huge, agricultural area, more smaller outskirts are involved, the closest downtowns are also found 8-10km from the city in a straight line. The nearest city (Szolnok) can be reached in 35 minutes on the road 3225.

The demographic attributes of the township

The number of Besenyszög residents: 3441. The population was dinamically growing from 1870’s to the first part of the 20th century. We must emphasize that the population reached its highest pitch by 4712 people in 1949. Since then, the population has been decreasing steadily year by year, following the national demographic tendencies.

As it is shown in the picture 1, Besenyszög has great availabilities near Szolnok to utilize geothermal energy.

Picture 1: Townships having constructed district-heating system, shown by their geothermal facilities